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- is found as a member of:

  - Danzig,
  - Md45,
  - Paradox,
  - Infernäl Mäjesty,
  - Samson (uk),
  - Thin Lizzy,
  - Justice,
  - Dragon,
  - Manfred Mann,
  - Rory Gallagher,
  - Jamiroquai,
  - Phantom Blue,
  - Faith No More,
  - Agregator,
  - Iron Maiden,
  - Jodonal,
  - Sabaton,
  - Kimmo Kuusniemi Band,
  - Wargod,

- Synesis Absortion is/was a artist and/or band with this/these cooperator(s) and/or members:
Note: some might be temporary members or may only have joined Synesis Absortion for recording sessions or concerts.

  - Steve Digiorgio - bass [29]

FAN - 1

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Futures End, Death, Anthomy And I, Control Denied, Charred Walls Of The Damned, Autopsy, Future End, Artension, Dark Hall, Funeral, Vintersorg, Testament, Suicide Shift, Sebastian Bach , Scariot, Obituary, Sadus, Obscura, Quo Vadis, Painmuseum, James Murphy, Scarlot, Iced Earth, Memorain, Freak Neil Inc,




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