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- is found as a member of:

  - Danzig,
  - Md45,
  - Paradox,
  - Infernäl Mäjesty,
  - Samson (uk),
  - Thin Lizzy,
  - Justice,
  - Dragon,
  - Manfred Mann,
  - Jamiroquai,
  - Phantom Blue,
  - Faith No More,
  - Iron Maiden,
  - Jodonal,
  - Sabaton,
  - Wargod,

- Synesis Absortion is/was a artist and/or band with this/these cooperator(s) and/or members:
Note: some might be temporary members or may only have joined Synesis Absortion for recording sessions or concerts.

  - Steve Digiorgio - bass [29]

FAN - 1

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Sebastian Bach , Scariot, Sadus, Obituary, Quo Vadis, Obscura, James Murphy, Painmuseum, Iced Earth, Scarlot, Freak Neil Inc, Memorain, Death, Futures End, Control Denied, Anthomy And I, Autopsy, Charred Walls Of The Damned, Artension, Future End, Dark Hall, Funeral, Vintersorg, Testament, Suicide Shift,




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"Trance expresses a universal feeling, a feeling of warmth and freedom. That’s why people lift their hands while dancing. For some reason the Netherlands have some artists who express that feeling, but actually it’s the Belgians who deserve all the credit. You guys smoothed the path for us years ago." (Armin Van Buuren)

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